Skilled migration to Australia – what are my chances ? 1 minute quiz.

Ever wondered if your qualifications are sufficient to migrate to Australia ? Do want to find out quickly ?

We have prepared a flowchart for you that which could answer you whether skilled migration to Australia is possible at all.

As every person’s circumstances are different this flowchart should be regarded as a big simplification of an actual visa process. For this […]

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How good is your passport?

Being a bit off my advice-focused topics today I would like to mention about something more light-hearted. I have found an interesting ranking that compares access to visa-free countries based on holder’s passport. The ranking prepared by global consulting firm Henley & Partners have analyzed 94 countries and ranked them based on the freedom of travel for their citizens. Not […]

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Bringing children while on student visa.

While talking to my clients I often get asked about the cost and possibilities of sending their children to school. In this article I would like to discuss a scenario when the main applicant holds a student visa while their child holds a dependant student visa. Usually that covers parents holding visa subclass 570 – 575 (except for subclass 571).

Therefore […]

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From student visa to permanent residency – overview.

If you about to finish your course the chances are you will be thinking of staying in Australia permanently. In fact this is something you have probably been planning for a long time.
Transition from being a student to permanent residency is not as easy and straightforward as it used to be a couple years ago. Certain criteria were introduced by […]

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