Working Holiday program expansion for Poland.

I’m happy to announce that Working Holiday program expansion is progressing and relevant agreement has just been signed with Poland. The downside is that only 200 places per year will be available for Poles which is quite disappointing number. In New Zealand that started offering Working Holiday program a few years ago for 100 Poles annually all quota gets filled […]

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457 Visa – Where to start ?

If you thinking to come to Australia to work, the chances are you will arrive here on 457 visa. In the financial year 2012-2013 over 68,000 457 visas were granted. Out of that number around 40,000 visa holders were granted permanent residence.

Importantly, 457 visa is closely linked to ENS/RSMS (186/187) visas that give you an easier option to apply for […]

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How do I include a family member in my visa application?

So you have found your right visa but you need to include a family member in your application? Maybe your wife wants to join you? How about bringing your kids with you? Today I would like to answer these and a few other questions. Soon you will see that coming together is not as complicated as it might seems, however you […]

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Working Holiday program – overview

When people say they are on a ‘working holiday’ visa in Australia it might suggest that there is only one visa for that purpose. Well, that’s not quite right. There are in fact two different visas:

Working Holiday (subclass 417), and

Work and Holiday (subclass 462)

The starting point to check which one applies to you is to find your nationality on either […]

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