Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our company, services offered and our website.

About Australia Dream Solutions

Australia Dream Solutions’ contact details are published on our website. Please give us a ring if you want to make a booking for a consultation as they are by appointment only. If you are unable to visit us in person, we also offer consultations through Skype.

Australia Dream Solutions’ mission and business model is to constantly offer you a great value for money service. Our quality assistance means that your case will be professionally handled by an experienced Registered Migration Agent in a friendly and efficient manner.

We are also flexible in meeting clients at different locations depending on their needs and long working hours (Mon.- Sat. 9:00am to 19:00pm).

Services Australia Dream Solutions offer

We can assist with most types of visas currently issued by the Department of Immigration except for Protection visas. This includes (but is not limited to):
– Family visas
– Work visas (General Skilled Migration and Employer Sponsored streams)
– Other types (e.g. Student, Working Holiday & Visitor visas)
After examining your situation we will try to offer you the quickest and most affordable solution so that you can stay in Australia indefinitely. Please note your success when migrating to Australia lies mostly within yourself, that is in your skills, English language, work experience, etc.
Please contact us asap so that we can look into your situation. Please be aware that it is important to act quickly so by delaying to resolve your immigration status you can lead to your visa expiration and/or being removed from Australia with 3 year return ban.
We have no preference whatsoever on the clients who want to use our services. Please feel free to contact us anytime no matter what your background is.
Apart from our migration services we help you to locate the best school to study in Australia. We also assist with finding accommodation and extra services such as student health insurance (OSHC), etc.

Fees Schedule

We accept cash, bank transfers, credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD & AMEX) and (in exceptional circumstances) bank cheques. We give you more freedom to pay for our service fees in installments when necessary.
Visa category Visa subclass Professional fees in AUD (from)
Partner (309/100) 1900 Pricing for childless couple. For couples with children extra fee of $300 will apply.
Partner (820/801) 1900 Pricing for childless couple. For couples with children extra fee of $300 will apply.
Student (500) 300 No professional fees if a course is purchased through us.
Visitor (600) 300
eVisitor (651) 100
ETA (601) 100
Temporary Work
457 1900
General Skilled Migration
Skilled Independent (189) 1900 Skills assessment not included.
Skilled Nominated (190) 1900 Skills assessment not included.
Employer Nomination
ENS (186) 1900 Prices for Direct Entry & Temporary Residence Transition. Employer nomination not included.
RSMS (187) 1900 Prices for Direct Entry & Temporary Residence Transition. Employer nomination not included.
Employer Nomination 1000

Yes, certainly.

Please use a Payment button where you can make a consultation payment through our payment processing service – Stripe. No credit card details are stored on our server.

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Australia Dream Solutions Guarantee

We promise that your case will be handled as competently as possible according to current migration regulations. The Migration Agent’s Code of Conduct prohibits us and every migration agent to offer clients ‘guarantees’ of successful outcome. Having said that by showing you our knowledge and experience we want to give you confidence about the way we work. The Code of Conduct is available here or we can email it to you.

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