There are few countries that can match Australia’s reputation for quality, well paid and relatively easy to find employment. That’s another reason why it is worth to come here either temporarily or migrate permanently.

Low unemployment

For last couple of years the unemployment in Australia have remained at a relatively very low level of 5%. As the graph below shows, there are only a few countries where the unemployment was lower. What that means for you is that a chance of finding a job here is much higher than in majority of other developed countries.

Skill shortages

There are a number of professions across Australia where employers find it difficult to recruit skilled workers.

The most common professions that are constantly in demand:

– Midwife

– Registered Nurse

– Enrolled Nurse

– Child Care Worker

– Motor Mechanic

– Automotive Electrician

– Chef/Cook

– Baker

– Pastrycook

– Butcher

The most current list is available on the website of the Department of Education and Training available here (opens in a new window). Search for ‘skill shortages’.

Please note, however, that having your position listed there is not a guarantee of finding a job. How successful you are in the job market depends also on your performance, education, experience and location where you wish to work (regional, less populated areas can dramatically increase your chances).

High salaries

Australia also boasts one of the highest salaries globally. No matter whether you are a highly skilled employee with years of experience or a fresh graduate entering the job market. Once you get your employment, you can be confident that it will let you live your life comfortably.

You can view the current hourly rates and salaries for some random occupations below.