The range of accommodation in Australia is quite diverse and the most popular types are:

Flat (house) sharing

This is the most popular option as it is affordable and quite flexible. You can share the place with 1 or more people so it is a great way to meet new friends.

The following websites are great resources to find your flatmate:

Student lodging (such as UniLodge in Sydney)

The range of accommodation options include self-contained, furnished studios and loft apartments which have ensuite bathrooms and kitchenettes and are purpose-built for student needs. There is a free internet access, laundry facilities, pool & spa, etc. More information can be found on UniLodge website.


For students who wish to focus more on English language and experience a family-like environment, Homestay is a perfect solution. Most of the time hosting families are able to provide meals as well and extra attractions such as sightseeing, weekend trips, etc. Homestay is normally offered by schools or specialized companies who maintain a database and carry out a verification of hosting families.


This is an option suitable if you need an accommodation for a few days until you find a place for longer period. The advantage is flexibility to move out anytime you want , little paperwork involved and not getting locked into long term contracts. We can recommend a reasonably priced hostel/hotel depending on where your school is located.