IT_engineering_ad-300x166Are you experienced IT person looking for a permanent residency in Australia?

Can’t find an employer to sponsor you due to no proper visa?

There is still an option for you ! Skilled Independent Visa allows you to become a permanent resident in Australia regardless of being sponsored by an employer or state. As this is a points test visa in order to qualify you will need to collect sufficient number of points and be invited to apply by the Department of Immigration. There are other requirements you have to meet, however below are listed the core ones.
You might be able to qualify for Skilled Independent (189) visa if you:

– have tertiary qualifications and/or a few years experience in one of the positions below:

> ICT business Analyst
> Systems Analyst
> Analyst Programmer
> Developer Programmer
> Software Engineer
> Computer Network and Systems Engineer

– are preferably between 25-39 years old

– have passed or are able to pass in near future IELTS test with average score of at least 7.0 or equivalent exam (TOEFL/CAE/PTE)

– agree to have your professional skills assessed by Australian Computer Society (ACS) and pass the assessment.



1. What does the visa offer?

– 189 visa is a permanent visa that gives you unlimited stay and working rights in Australia.


2. Do I need to find an employer to apply for this visa?

– The employer is not necessary for 189 visa.


3. Does the visa guarantee job?

– No, the visa itself does not guarantee any employment. Finding a job becomes your responsibility after you have been granted your visa.


4. Do I have to work as an IT professional after being granted a visa?

– No, this is not required. You have a freedom of choosing any role you like.


5. How long does the whole process take?

– The skills assessment takes on average 1-8 weeks followed by 2-3 months for visa application processing. It is important to know that during that time you must be a holder of a visa that permits you to stay in Australia.


6. How much is the cost?

– The fees consist of our professional fee & fees payable to the Department of Immigration (current as of February 2017):

Australia Dream professional fee (skills assessment + 189 visa lodgement) – $2,900.00
Skills assessment fee (ACS) – $500.00
189 visa application (single applicant) – $3,600.00
Medical examination (BUPA) – approximately $400.00 (single applicant)

If you think you meet the above minimum requirements please contact us on: 0404 249 563 or through our contact form. We will look into your situation and guide you through the whole process if you are eligible.