Bridging visas – a practical guide

Bridging visas are part of migration law area that is commonly misunderstood. Very often you might not even realize that you have been given a bridging visa. I will explain all bridging visas focussing on the most popular ones.

There is not much easy to understand and well summarized information about bridging visas, which is why I have decided to write […]

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No health examination for temporary visas from 20th November.

From 20th November 2015 no health check is required for all countries listed below if the visa applied for is temporary (e.g. all student visa subclasses, 457, etc.).

This is a very positive change of the Department of Immigration department that will not only save you time during visa processing but also make it cheaper. For example, currently a medical examination for […]

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5 best jobs for immigration to Australia

Wondering if your job qualifies as ‘easy’ to migrate to Australia?

In my comparison I have used a few subjective criteria that in my opinion help to select a job with the biggest chance of success. You might find this article useful whether you are a person that have just finished high school or have plenty years of work experience.

In my […]

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What English is required for skilled migration?

The level of English required is a topic that causes a lot of confusion among people who are thinking or are in the middle of applying for temporary visa or permanent residency in Australia. What English should I have to migrate? What English requirements should I meet.

Well, there is no short answer to this question. It generally depends on:For a […]

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