Partner Visas

These visas are for life partners of Australian citizens or permanent residents. You might qualify as an engaged couple, a de facto spouse or within a same sex partner relationship. The type of visa you apply for will depend upon your marital status and location at time of application.

Applying for a Partner Visa is always a two-stage process. Once initial requirements are met you will be granted a temporary visa and, after a certain period (usually two years), if you both still in relationship you will be eligible for permanent residency.

Spouse Visa / De Facto Spouse Visa

This is a visa for husbands and wives as well as for committed long-term partners who aren’t legally married. To apply for Partner Visa as a de facto partner, you must show that you have been living with your partner in a de facto relationship for a period of entire 12 months, prior to applying for a visa.


  • You need to be sponsored by an eligible person.
  • You must not be related by family.
  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • You should have a genuine relationship with your partner.
  • You should be living together as partners.
  • You should comply with all health and character requirement

Prospective Marriage (Fiancé) Visa

Prospective Marriage Visa is a visa granted to those individual, who wish to enter Australia to marry their fiancé. A Prospective Marriage Visa is a temporary visa granted for a period of nine months. An individual must enter Australia, with an intention to marry their fiancé within the stipulated period of nine months. Once you are married to your fiancé you can apply for partner Visa.


  • The Applicant must be engaged to marry their sponsor.
  • The Applicant must marry the sponsor after the Applicant’s first entry to Australia.
  • The Sponsor must satisfy the eligibility requirements.
  • The Applicant must provide proof of a genuine intention to marry the fiancé within nine months from the date the visa was granted.
  • The Applicant and fiancé must have met and are personally known to each other.
  • The Applicant and spouse must usually be aged 18 years or over.
  • The application must be lodged outside Australia and the Applicant must travel to Australia and marry the fiance within 9 months of the grant of the temporary visa.